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Eve's Angels - Interview with Anny Donewald

Anny Donewald earned her B.S. in Family Studies with a minor in Sociology from Western Michigan.At the age of 19, Anny entered the sex industry. This decision directly impacted the next six years, and changed the course of her life forever. She was an exotic dancer in Chicago, Detroit, and other various cities across the country before landing in Las Vegas and California. There it escalated into prostitution. Upon becoming pregnant with her second child and contemplating another abortion, Anny sought spiritual guidance. With nothing to lose and searching for options, she prayed a simple prayer asking for God’s help. That’s when God stepped in with the miraculous: Anny made five different appointments that all, through different circumstances, got cancelled. Anny had a son. A month after his birth, a bible scripture reference popped in her head, “Matthew 4:16″. Having no previous knowledge of the bible, she found it and read, “Those who sat in darkness have seen a great Light.” Less than twenty-four hours later, she received the Revelation that Jesus was her Savior. She was Born Again. At the age of 30, Anny diligently sought the Lord for her life’s purpose. After a five-day fast, she knew that she would start a ministry that would help other women like herself come to know that Jesus loves them, no matter where they’re at and what they do. This ministry would eventually cater to women who, in times of trouble, feel like they have nowhere else to turn. Eve’s Angels was subsequently founded.

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