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Helping women in the Sex Industry

Eve's at a Glance

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Eve’s Angels has outreach efforts in cities located across the Country, composed of volunteers that give their time to bi-monthly visits into places where sex is being sold. Women take gift bags, food, flowers etc and spend time forming relationships letting women know  they are loved. Our Angels receive training congruent with our belief system that no judgement is necessary for anyone anywhere. Love is a basic need, and giving it can change lives. By forming community around women in the sex for sale trade, our outreach volunteers are available if and when women decide they want to find other forms of employment. Although that is never our end goal, our outreach teams are ready and equipped to show love and meet the needs to help them with their truth. A bi-weekly bible study/support group is also offered as a meeting place outside of their work.

For more information or to request training on starting an Eve's Angels outreach in your city click here



Eve's Angels has a safe home for women needing residential refuge that are escaping sex trafficking and/or making the decision to exit the commercial sex industry. With 24 hour trained staff, residents have a year to complete the two part program. We offer the resources necessary for each individual woman to obtain the life she was created for.

If you are a woman in need of services exiting the sex industry or sex trafficking 18+ click here.


To request speakers for educational purposes click here

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