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Group helps women transition out of adult entertainment industry

DETROIT(WXYZ) - As the mystery surrounding the deaths of four women found in trunks of cars remains unsolved, a local organization is stepping up its effort to reach women in the world of adult entertainment.

The non-profit Eve’s Angels helps women transition out of the world of exotic entertainment. The group helps with counseling, paying bills, finding housing, childcare or providing food. There are branches in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Chicago.

"This lifestyle is dangerous," says group founder Anny Donewald. "It's a call for action to help protect our women in Detroit."

Three of the four women found murdered this month have ties to the website, according to Detroit Police. Investigators say the three had posted ads as adult escorts.

"Nobody in any occupation deserves for this to happen," says Donewald.

Another woman, Kalisha Madden, is also an exotic dancer and she’s been missing for a month. Eve’s Angels has been helping her family. Madden has six children. The group has also added funds to the reward money for information leading to Kalisha’s whereabouts.


Eve’s Angels does not try to convince women to leave the industry but it does help them once they have made the decision. For now, the group’s advice for adult escorts is to at the very least be wary of online activity.

"I would strongly consider finding another way to promote your services," says Donewald. "You're being targeted."

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