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Former stripper offers ministry to dancers

day, but she used to entertain a much different audience. "No little girl at five-years-old wakes up and says I want to be a stripper when I grow up," Donewald said.

Donewald was a stripper in Michigan, Chicago and Las Vegas.

"Sometimes God gives us directions and we don't think it through but it's actually for our own safety," said Donewald sharing her thoughts to a group of women at the New Life Christian Fellowship Church in Grand Rapids.

After six years of stripping, Donewald found herself in a personal hell; one she left to form Eve's Angels. The group's members, along with Donewald perform outreach at area strip clubs.

"We go into the clubs in Grand Rapids, there are five clubs we really have been ministering to in the last three months. We take gift bags and in the gift bags are a little pink bible and we'll put in body spray and lip gloss and candy," Donewald said.

Donewald made headlines when she drove to Ohio after hearing about a feud with a church in the town of Warsaw and the Fox Hole strip club.

"They were calling them whores and home wreckers and that's totally not God," said Donewald.

Eve's Angels now has non-profit status and it's gaining members.

"The church doesn't go into the strip clubs to just bridge the gap. People don't expect to see Christians in a strip club," said Mary Haghshenas a member of Eve's Angels.

"Our job is just to introduce the love of God and if at any time they are ready to get out we have the resources available to help them get out," said Donewald.

While Donewald is gaining recognition for her work she doesn't want glory, she says she's merely a servant.

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