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Helping women in the Sex Industry

Eve's Angels, a leading Christian not-for-profit organization that assists women in the sex industry to find hope through the love of God.



When Donewald was convinced to compete in an amateur night at a strip club, she found herself drawn into a world of drugs, money, and flesh peddlers in Michigan and Chicago—and eventually Las Vegas’ hottest XXX clubs. But the fantasy of fistfuls of hundred dollar bills quickly turned to the reality of bloodstains on bathroom floors and nights with customers in presidential suites at luxurious hotels. At an emotional breaking point and pondering the termination of her unborn son, Anny reached the gates of her personal hell. There, she found God.


Then, this long-legged, fiery blonde fought to free herself from the sex trade, and, by the healing grace of God, launched her non-profit, Eve’s Angels, which reaches out to girls who want out of the sex trade.


Dancing for the Devil takes an in-depth look at Anny’s struggles and sheds a new insider’s light on the horrible reality of the sex industry from someone who’s seen the worst of it. This captivating memoir shows how women from all walks of life find themselves trapped by the sex trade and, most importantly, explains how they can get out, start over, and find the love of Christ. Courageous and unforgettable, Dancing for the Devil is a heartbreaking story of darkness, grace, and, ultimately, redemption.


About Eve’s Angels: Founded in 2009 by Anny Donewald, Eve’s Angels is rapidly becoming the restoration answer for women trapped in the sex industry. The Christian not-for-profit organization ministers the word of Jesus Christ to women in the sex industry and is both a symbol against sex trafficking and a community that reaches into places of employment where sex is being sold.   


The 501(c) 3 has a small staff that includes volunteers who respond to daily emails, phone calls and messages with understanding, grace, realism and courage to take a step toward Jesus Christ and recovery. They have a street-team grassroots approach to educate and inspire women in the sex industry to transform their lives. Eve’s Angels gives a portion of their proceeds directly to women coming out of the industry who are in need of immediate housing, counseling, prayer, rehabilitation and resources to equip them for a new future. 


Additionally, they speak and participate in national conferences, events and festivals. Founder Anny Donewald diligently reaches political and Christian leaders to educate them on the worldwide sex industry epidemic and give them a new vision, appropriate terminology and impactful tools to change cultural viewpoints and save lives.

Eve's Angels